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Morning Glory

hes to escape injury in the streets of S▓t.Petersburg.The constant racing o●ften results in four or five rows of speedi▓ng conv

y essential fi●gures in the St.Petersburg street scenes.▓We at home cannot at all real▓ize how much driving is done in St.Peters●burg.The distances are enormous; streets fi▓ve or six kilometres long are no▓t unusual.There are almost no streetcar lines, ●thanks to t

Fragments of Iceland

eyances attempting to pass one an●other.The drivers with their bearded, apos●tle faces, which appear lambli●ke when they good-naturedly invite● you to enter their conveyan●ces, are like wild men when they let loose●.Their Cossack nature then asserts it

Om Du M?ter Varg

▓self.On and always on, and let the poor● pedestrian take care of his bones.And howev●er much the little horse may pant and ▓the flakes of foam may fly from it▓s sides, his excellency, the count, hi●s highness (the izwozchik is extre●mely generous with his titles), will sur▓ely add a few kopeks when the dr▓iver has been very smart; and so the little hor▓se must run until the passenger, unac●customed to such driving, loses his breath. ▓ But the Russian barbarian conception of weal▓th and fashion is to have his driver ▓race even when out for a pleasure drive, as if i●t were a question of life or deat●h.The numberless private turnouts, di▓stinguished by their greater el●egance, their splendid horses, harness, ●liveries, and carriages, have n●o less speed than the hackney-coachma▓n, but the reverse, at a still greate▓r speed, thanks to the elasticity of ●their high-stepping Arab trotters.And● now imagine twenty-five thousand s▓uch vehicles simultaneously in● racing motion, with here and the●re a jingling troika, its two ●outer horses galloping madly a●nd the middle horse trotting furiously; imagi▓ne, at the[Pg 32] same time, the ▓bright colors of the four-corne▓re

The Meridian Sun

d plush caps on the heads of the stylish● drivers, the gay-colored rugs on the troik▓as, the blue and green nets on the galloping h▓orses of the private sleighs, the glitt▓er of the gold and silver harness, ▓the scarlet coats of the court● coachmen and lackeys, everythin▓g rushing along on a crisp winter▓ day, over the glimmering, freshly fallen sno●w, between the mighty faades of▓ imposing structures, flanked b●y an almost unbroken chain of tall p▓oliceman and gendarmes, and

you hav●e the picture of the heart of St.Petersb●urg at the time of social act●ivity.Splendor, riches, wildness are al▓l caricatured into magnificence as if ▓calculated to impress and to frighten.Woe t▓o him here who is not of the ●masters! V ST.PETERSBURG—C●ONTINUED St.Petersburg is an act of viol▓ence.I have never received in any city s●uch an impression of the forced a●nd the unnatural as in this colossal prison or f●ortress of the Russia's mighty rule.The ●Neva, around whose islands the city▓ is clustered, is really not a stream●.It comes from nowhere and l

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The Italic Mountains

eads nowhere●.It is the efflux of the Heaven-for▓saken Ladoga Lake, where no on▓e has occasion to search for anything; ▓and it leads into the Bay of Finland, which i▓s frozen throughout half of the year.No commer▓cial considerations, not even strategical rea▓sons, can justify the establish●ment of this

Two Best Friends

  • who do not▓ care to see a reduction in rents ●in the central portion of the town.The averag▓e city inhabitant readily parts with the t▓hirty, forty, or fifty kopeks demanded by t
  • he ●izwozchik, and thus everything is rushed● along in an unending race.The● pravo (right) or hei bereg
  • is! (look out!),▓ which the drivers bawl to one another o
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